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Loan Application Needs List

Please submit the following for all loan requests:

Resume on all owners and key management personnel

Organizational documents, current business filings and business licenses on any business entities that are applying as the borrowing entity or guarantor

Current personal financial statement on all owners of 20% or more – dated within 60 days of request

Three (3) years personal tax returns including all schedules and K-1’s

Three (3) years business tax returns – including all schedules

Three (3) years business financial statements (balance sheet & profit and loss)

Most recent interim financial statement – dated within 60 days of loan request

Current business debt schedule

Copy of all leases, as applicable

Buy/Sell Agreement, Purchase Agreement or escrow instructions, if applicable

Please contact us for all of the forms.

Please complete all form/applications in their entirety, All forms must be signed with original signatures

The front page of all financial documentation, i.e., tax returns etc. submitted must be signed and dated

Please submit additional information if you believe it will facilitate the credit decision

As a Business Owner sometimes it is difficult managing it all!  

Maneuvering through the loan process can be daunting, 
intimidating, as well as, time intense.

  • How do I apply for the loan?
  • What do I need to apply for the loan?
  • Which bank offers the best rates?​
  • Will I get approved for a loan?

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